Workshop Day Two

Our second Skill School Workshop Day extravaganza event, featuring workshops on professional development skills, improv comedy, freelance journalism, mindfulness meditation and starting your own ‘zine!

Come learn new skills from people with experience in our own community!


“Personal Branding for Job Seekers and Solopreneurs” with Kim Eisenberg
“‘Zine Making Workshop” with Matt Lewis of The Radvocate

“Mindfulness Stress Reduction Techniques 101” with Liz Myers of Rooted Living Wellness
“Starting Off in Freelance Journalism” with Alex Zaragoza

“Improv Workshop: Make Them Laugh” with Finest City Improv
“Promoting Yourself for Artists and Creatives” with Nathan Young

All workshops are individually priced between $20-$30.

Full workshop descriptions below.

Email for questions and multi-class discounts.

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Personal Branding for Job Seekers and Solopreneurs
Instructor: Kim Eisenberg
Saturday, May 17th at 1:30pm

Regardless of your occupation, you’re a business of one. To stay competitive in the 2014 market, your personal brand is critical. In this workshop we’ll cover 3 key elements of personal branding: your resume, your social media presence, and how you talk about yourself (gasp!) in person.

Topics will include:
• Why personal brand matters & how to define yours
• Resumes that appeal to humans as well as cold, soulless software programs
• Best practices for LinkedIn and other social media platforms
• Connecting and communicating with people in way that immediately demonstrates your brand and your value (without feeling smarmy & uncomfortable)

You’ll leave with:
• A specific, defined statement about your brand
• Oodles of best practices and practical tips for your LinkedIn profile and your Resume
• Strategies you can use immediately to cultivate your professional network, while still being your authentic, quirky self

$29 in advance, $34 at the door
2 hours

‘Zine Making Workshop
Instructor: Matt Lewis
Saturday, May 17th at 1:30pm

Just a 90’s trope? Nope! Zines (pronounced “zeens”) and the art of self-publishing have been around a lot longer than Riot Grrl. The likes of Thomas Paine, Ray Bradbury, Phillip K. Dick, Anthony Bourdain and Matt Groening have all gotten their start in DIY publishing, and you can too! You will be told a brief chronology of zines, get to check out hundreds of examples, discuss the importance/irrelevance of self-publishing, learn the steps to creating and marketing your zine, and be able to walk away from the class with your very own DIY creation!

$20 in advance, $25 at the door
1.5 hours

“Mindfulness Stress Reduction Techniques 101”
Instructor: Liz Myers of Rooted Living
Saturday, May 17th at 3:30pm

This interactive workshop will give you effective mindfulness techniques you can use to manage stress and improve your sense of wellbeing. Being “mindful” and aware of what you feel and experience during times of stress is what leads you to be able to handle the stress with more clarity and ease. It supports your ability to handle problems as they arise so you handle one issue at a time, instead of hiding away from the problem or stuffing it down for a later date. You will feel more aware and relaxed from attending this workshop! Social Workers and Therapists will earn 1.5 hours of CEU credits for this workshop. Email Liz for your certificate.

$25 in advance, $30 at the door
1.5 hours

“Starting Off in Freelance Journalism”
Instructor: Alex Zaragoza
Saturday, May 17th at 3:30pm

Starting a career as a freelance journalist is no easy feat but with some insightful tips from someone who’s been in your shoes it can be a lot easier. Alex Zaragoza (San Diego CityBeat, Voice of San Diego) gives helpful insights on how to get started, build a name for yourself, and cajole those editors into giving you lots of writing work. Plus, she’ll probably also bring candy.

$20 in advance, $25 at the door
1.5 hours

“Improv Workshop: Make Them Laugh”
Instructor: Finest City Improv
Saturday, May 17th at 5:30pm

Want to be more confident when speaking with strangers? And funnier in everyday life situations? In this workshop you’ll learn how the foundations of comedy improv can work wonders in all areas of life. We’ll play some simple games that help you say “yes” to get to humor quicker and have everyone laughing more.

$25 in advance, $30 at the door
2 hours

“Promoting Yourself for Artists and Creatives”
Instructor: Nathan Young
Saturday, May 17th at 5:30pm

Somewhere between doing art as a creative compulsion and actually making a living off of it, there’s a big fuzzy nebulous space. To navigate this space you need to learn how to promote yourself in a way that feels authentic and true to the creative endeavors you’re working on.

In this workshop we’ll talk about how to shamelessly promote yourself in a way that won’t feel shameful. We’ll go over the tools, tricks and methods for being effective and also address the psychological barriers that can come with putting yourself out there.

Bring your ideas and something to take notes with! This will be part information, part active discussion.

$25 in advance, $30 at the door
2 hours