“Personal Branding for Job Seekers and Solopreneurs” with Kim Eisenberg

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“Personal Branding for Job Seekers and Solopreneurs” 
Instructor: Kim Eisenberg of Kim Eisenberg Consulting- bio
Saturday, May 17th at 1:30pm
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Regardless of your occupation, you’re a business of one. To stay competitive in the 2014 market, your personal brand is critical. In this workshop we’ll cover 3 key elements of personal branding: your resume, your social media presence, and how you talk about yourself (gasp!) in person. 

Topics will include:
• Why personal brand matters & how to define yours 
• Resumes that appeal to humans as well as cold, soulless software programs
• Best practices for LinkedIn and other social media platforms
• Connecting and communicating with people in way that immediately demonstrates your brand and your value (without feeling smarmy & uncomfortable)

You’ll leave with:
• A specific, defined statement about your brand
• Oodles of best practices and practical tips for your LinkedIn profile and your Resume
• Strategies you can use immediately to cultivate your professional network, while still being your authentic, quirky self

$29 in advance, $34 at the door
2 hours