Pop-Up Workshop Day #1

In this first ever Skill School workshop day event we’ll feature workshops on personal fashion, entrepreneurship, branding, screenwriting, authentic sexuality and block print art making.

Come learn new skills from experts in your own community!

Saturday, May 10th
@Finest City Improv Theatre
4250 Louisiana St
San Diego CA 92104


“Branding 101” with Christina Glavas
“Fashion In Your Professional/Personal Life” with Skyler McCurine of Le Red Balloon

“Groundwork for Leadership” with Meghaan Lurtz
“Authentic Sexuality” with Lea Caughlan of The Rubber Rose

“Breaking Ground On Your First Screenplay” with Martin Gomez
“Block Print Art Making” with Rachel LaBarre

All workshops are individually priced between $20-$40. 

Full workshop descriptions below.

Email skillschoolsd@gmail.com for questions and multi-class discounts

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“Branding 101”
Instructor: Christina Glavas
Saturday, May 10th at 1:30pm

Have a product idea, company or just want to tell the story of your own personal brand? Take this 101 workshop to jumpstart your creative process and walk away with a comprehensive rough draft of your brand elements. Whether you’re deciding on a name, a logo, a tagline or need to get clear on what to tell your graphic designer you will not be disappointed with this action-based workshop. We will use inspired exercises to bust through the blocks and activate your creative identity leaving you with a new excitement and zest for branding. This method has worked with individuals, products, b2c, b2b and non-profit organizations.

$35 in advance, $40 at the door
2 hours

“Fashion In Your Professional/Personal Life”
Instructor: Skyler McCurine of Le Red Balloon
Saturday, May 10th at 1:30pm

By the end of this workshop you will: 
-Understand how/why personal style is crucial in your professional/personal life.
-Be able to define and shop for your personal style.
-Learn how to authentically represent yourself when given a dress code.

$39 in advance, $44 at the door
1.5 hours

“Groundwork for Leadership” 
Instructor: Meghaan Lurtz
Saturday, May 10th at 3:30pm

We all have a capable leader within us and we all possess talents that give way to effective leadership, but the trick is to recognize these talents in order to engage them. 

In this workshop we’ll talk about the five basic steps of discovery in order to uncover your inner leadership style. The heart of the process is to understand your real self vs ideal self and the steps you will need to take to close the gap. We’ll go over available tools, research and share ideas with one another, as well as arm ourselves with an action plan.

This workshop is a perfect primer for anybody looking to grow into a leadership position, whether it be in your personal or professional life.

Bring a pencil or a pen and be prepared to speak up, because very few leaders can inspire in silence.

$24 in advance, $29 at the door
1.5 hours

“Authentic Sexuality”
Instructor: Lea Caughlan of The Rubber Rose
Saturday, May 10th at 3:30pm

This workshop offers tools to bring clarity and accuracy to our self definition of personal sexuality. Those tools range from the empowering sense of self, to tangible weapons of mass pleasure that assert self love does in fact start with self. It will help participants understand what elements of sexuality have been instilled upon them–by media, family values and past relationships–and how to take control to make these elements. The goal is to exhibit an authentic sexuality that reflects our true desires, allowing us to take into our own hands the power of our own bodies and desires, owning our sexuality and self, completely and unabashedly.

$20 in advance, $25 at the door
1.5 hours

“Breaking Ground On Your First Screenplay”
Instructor: Martin Gomez
Saturday, May 10th at 5:30pm

In this hands-on workshop, we will be focusing on techniques that will assist a writer in beginning, and more importantly, finishing their first feature-length screenplay. Learn ways to organize your thoughts and story prior to beginning your first draft, ways to avoid common pitfalls of the novice writer, and also discover valuable resources that will assist you along the way. You will also have the chance to meet and mingle with fellow writers and create valuable contacts. After all, networking is the lifeblood of the film industry.

$25 in advance, $30 at the door
2 hours

“Block Print Art Making”
Instructor: Rachel LaBarre
Saturday, May 10th at 5:30pm

Get in touch with your inner-artist, and experience the joy of your own creative expression. Rachel LaBarre will guide you step-by-step through the ancient technique and exciting process of block printing. We will each carve out an original pattern/image to create a unique work of art. No artistic skill or experience required. All materials are included.

$35 in advance, $40 at the door
2 hours